Monday, January 5, 2009

Technical Note

I'm always tinkering with web gadgets, but I just wanted to mention some of the recent changes.

If you hadn't noticed, I don't tend to post blog entries very regularly. But I do pass many an item on through my feeds (I may have mentioned this previously).
You may notice that I have a few blog posts that I've accumulated, I hope you enjoy them. But if you haven't noticed yet, most of what I "post" is via the microblogging of Google Reader shares and Tweets. On the upper right I have tried to highlight my Reader Shared Items and its feed (a quick sample is at the top of this blog), and Twitter links. That tends to be the majority of my activity at present.
Many of the gadgets I toy around with are RSS-centric. It took me a while, but the other day I wandered to FeedBurner and reburned a couple of feeds there. I have been getting involved with Twitter lately, and one recent addition to my online meanderings was #diggcons. The two blend together nicely in that I can insert the linkies for Digg This!, Stumble This!, Twit This!, etc. into the feed. I hope this adds ease and utility for subscribers.

My tweeps (map gadget), meet my feed. Subscribers, meet my similar-but-not-the-same Twitter.

One final note to those who have taken the time to send me replies in Twitter or commented on my blog posts: thank you for taking the time to do so.

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