Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blog Note

I was very surprised the other day when I happened upon this article: Why Conservatives Should Be Using Twitter And 200 "People" You Should Be Following. I shared it with Google Reader and Tweeted it right away. I intended to return to it later in the day to add folks to follow. It wasn't until returning to the article that I had noticed that I was included on the list. Thank you Duane Lester and all who deemed me worthy of inclusion in this group of talented people.

For new visitors, thank you for stopping by. You may notice that I have a few blog posts that I've accumulated, I hope you enjoy them. But if you haven't noticed yet, most of what I "post" is via the microblogging of Google Reader shares and Tweets. On the upper right I have tried to highlight my Reader Shared Items and its feed (a quick sample is at the top of this blog), and Twitter links. That tends to be the majority of my activity at present.

I am out of town visiting my family and friends in Bismarck, ND this Thanksgiving weekend. So my online time is much more limited, as it should be, and I'm on a borrowed system.

But next week starting Wednesday my activity is likely to be much diminished for a period TBD. I have surgery to remove some tumors from my liver, and I don't really know how fast I'll be bouncing back from that. When I'm around and about, I'll be back to sharing the things I find of interest.

We now return you to your regular surfing!

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