Saturday, August 30, 2008


Stadium filled to capacity: Plenty?
Speech on the MLK anniversary: Lost opportunity?
Fawning by almost all the MSM: Loss of all integrity?
Absolutely nothing on Obama 12 hours later: Priceless

Vote Swung

It's been a trying day to attempt writing this. 'Trying' in the sense of the day your child is born (for a guy, at least). Joy. Relief. A new outlook on life. Clouds parted. Hope and change. (Alright, too mushy, too cliche.)

But for conservatives who had pretty much been relegated to the sidelines since January, today was manna from Heaven. After listening to Obama's acceptance speech last night, which I was panning in real time on IRC, I had the most wonderful news to entertain me less that 12 hours later.

Frankly, I've forgotten most of what Obama said. As a political move, John McCain did the unbelievable. I'm not exactly a fan of John McCain. But he did something I thought he would never be able to do. There are so many blogs and sites I should link to while writing, but I can't wipe the smile off my face (I hope they understand, and perhaps I'll edit it in after the fact).

"I found myself optimist again," and "I think I've actually been giddy since this morning" were some reactions from us hard-headed conservative types. "I almost forgot what to be conservative felt like, and she seems to be one." "As far as I am concerned now I can say I'll go happy to the voting booth."

My moment of reaching critical mass (stubbornness inherited from my Dad), was when I began think about being heir-apparent to the Republican Party. Having a real, down-to-earth, Conservative(!) leading the GOP into the future. I began to daydream about a future Palin/Jindal ticket, and I was won over.

She absolutely dominated my feed today. Another item also swayed me. I love it, I absolutely love it. It was a bucket of water on Obama's lit cigarette. The Obama camp's first spitefully classless response to the class to which he had been treated spoke volumes.

So here is something I never thought I'd see here:

Yes we can!

Monday, August 4, 2008

On the Lighter Side

What are your favorite parts from this?

Mine include:

  • 'Darth Barack' going for the lightsaber.
  • "Why is it you Liberals think you can make Kool-Aid sweeter by adding more water?"
  • "You wearin' me out with the Kentucky Fried analogies, brotha."
  • The 'force lightning'.
I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!

H/T: Doug Ross @ Journal

Friday, August 1, 2008

American Hiroshima

The "American Hiroshima" plan is something I'd heard about a while back, but it revisited me again from my Google Reader. It came in the form of an audio podcast that came with the following description: "Dr Hugh Cort from the American Foundation for Counter-Terrorism Policy on how OBL might have 10 suitcase nukes to set off in the US".

I found it interesting and thought I'd pass it along. See also the "must read" items from The American Foundation for Counter-Terrorism Policy and Research.