Saturday, November 8, 2008

One More 'What If?'

This isn't another "What if Obama wins?" type of thing. That has already been settled.

What if Obama is not good? That is, where might he end up in the historical rankings of presidents? Much attention has been brought to his historic run, but how will he govern and how will history judge him afterward?

Sure it's way too soon to speculate, but overtly or otherwise race has been thrown into this -- arguably by both sides. If he turns out to be a great president then it will indeed be a great thing for this nation and its citizens. But what would be the price if he ended up as a mediocre or poor president? Would that have a negative effect in the future regarding race and the presidency? Or race relations in general?

I guess I'll have to try to be optimistic and believe he will at least be a good president. Anyone is welcome to prove my political viewpoints to be lacking if it benefits this country and its people. And now is the time to prove me wrong.

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Jill Riter said...

linked to you from Opera, will have to take a look at your feeds, have a great weekp-end!