Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Adults Have Left the White House

Leave it to Liberals to loudly and proudly act like bratty teenagers with their parents away and the house to themselves. In the past day or two, all of the long-lost memories of the Clintons leaving the White House stealing furniture and the staff vandalizing keyboards have come rushing back.

The Anchoress captures quite a number of examples of juvenile and classless behavior.
In fact, Jay Nordlinger sums up my take on the speech, very neatly:
3. What a great, great shame that Chief Justice Roberts screwed up the oath-administering. A great shame. This is a video clip for all time — an “iconic moment.” I’m sure he feels terrible about it. Possibly, he was “nervous as a whore in church,” as an old southern friend of mine used to say. Obama wasn’t.

4. I thought Obama did the minimum about Bush — the barest minimum: “I thank him for his service,” or something. He could have done a lot more: not with more words, but with better, truer, more gracious words. Bush has certainly done a lot. For one thing, he is passing on to his successor the means with which to fight the War on Terror.

5. Obama said something like, “It’s time to quit putting off the unpleasant decisions.” Geez: Making unpleasant decisions, in both the domestic and foreign spheres, was Bush’s specialty. In fact, he sacrificed a good deal of political popularity because of it.

6. I liked Obama’s nod to Dorothy Fields, the lyricist — who wrote, “Pick yourself up, take a deep breath, dust yourself off, and start all over again.” And, by the way, my favorite recording of that song — a Kern song — is by McNair and Previn, on this album.

7. Obama talked about “restoring science to its rightful place.” I thought that was a cheap, stupid shot. The opinion-makers will love it, of course.

8. He suggested — more like said — that Bush had jettisoned American ideals in order to pursue security. That is a slander, pure and simple. Slandering your predecessor is not a good way to start a presidency.

Indeed. One of the most egregious untruths told again and again (and now accepted as “true” by people with incurious minds) is the absolute LIE that President Bush was “against science” especially as pertains to Stem Cell Research. I’ve written about the lies and distortions about Bush’s excellent policy often and often. The bottom line: President Bush SUPPORTED Stem Cell Research, and his strictures on EMBRYONIC scr related to beginning NEW embryonic lines. Gah, I’m sick of saying it - but go check “Embryonic Stem Cells” or “Stem Cell Research” in my categories. It was, as Nordlinger says, a VERY cheap shot. And yes, #8 is slander. But “this is politics.” And clearly Bush forgave him, as he’s forgiven a ton of slander these past years.
Things started popping up in my Reader this morning. For warmups, there was I Pledge, Pledge of Obama Allegiance video that ruffled feathers. True North was not happy with Hollywood either: Casting Off The Shackles Of Immense Weath, Position And Prestige
Andrew Breitbart at Big Hollywood on the cavalcade of hypocritical celebs who, mirabile dictu, are pledging to change the world for the better now that Bush is out of office.
But about 10am Central Time it started to pick up.
Let's not forget the media:
So this is The "Era of Maturity?" Odd how the misbehaving lummoxes were at both ends of the Bush era, but from the Left both times. How long before the grown-ups return?

Update: Here are two more from the day after as a bit of followup.

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