Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Odds and Ends

RedState: America’s First African-American (Acting) President brought to my attention this bit of trivia:

The Volokh Conspiracy relays the legal analysis of one Professor Ken Katkin, who wonders in print who was president betwen the time President Bush’s term expired at noon on Tuesday, and President Obama took the oath of office late at 12:04. Its a thought experiment more than anything, but its a fun one.
Skipping ahead a bit...
(11) Accordingly, from 12:00 noon until 12:01 p.m. (when Vice President Biden took the oath of office and became Vice President), Condoleeza Rice was momentarily the Acting President of the United States, our first African-American President.
Congratulations, Condoleezza Rice, our first African-American (Acting) President, and first female president too! Which, of course, makes President Barack Obama our second black President.
Libertarian Republican: Sarah Palin: Ever the optimist, her hearts in the right place, but... I have to admire her persistent optimism.

iowahawk: Hope. Change. Apocalyptic Garbage Blizzards. Damn environmentalists.

Moonbattery: Hitler on Hollyweirdo Pledge of Fealty to Obama. Also, What Obamunists Want of Their God:
7. Ban private health insurance.
6. Revoke the Bush tax cuts, plunging us farther into recession.
5. Permanently close facilities to incarcerate bloodthirsty terrorists who are trying to kill us.
4. Waste still more fortunes on light rail boondoggles.
3. Stop teaching abstinence and train children how to fornicate.
2. Become the "greenest" country in the world, despite the totalitarian measures this would require and the economic collapse it would cause.
1. End marijuana prohibition.
American Thinker: The smoker-in-chief -- I've got no problem with that, maybe smokers will regain a shred of dignity.

Ace continues to make me laugh at titles like these:
Here are some interesting observations from The Patriot Room: A Conservative’s View of Gandhi’s 7 Blunders.

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