Monday, January 5, 2009

Senator Smalley

I'm just shaking my head. I try to be somehow amused by articles that pass by:
And those are just a few among many, but let me add to it today's Jason Lewis Show:

I don't care to be one who goes with the "they stole the election", though there are plenty of things that could be mentioned -- or were mentioned in the above articles and podcast. But what struck me as I listened to some morning radio, is that this particular race could have easily turned out quite differently. And it could have turned out in favor of a Republican candidate very easily; Franken made himself very, very beatable (as if in a rational world that any effort would be necessary).

The real problem that may have slipped by in all the commotion, to me at least, is that Sen. Coleman was defeated because of his record. Because he's a RINO. Because he was not a very good representative of conservatives. Here is one measure, compiled from Citizens Against Government Waste's 2007 data.

This vote has similarities to Tim Pawlenty's 2006 re-election. And this was going right along with the '06 midterms.
The incumbent majority party, the Republican Party had controlled the house since the 1994 election and was defeated by the Democrats who won a majority in the House ending 12 years in opposition.
This whole thing is just a glimpse into the Republican party that discarded fiscal conservatism and went on a spending spree. Here is Clue #1 to the GOP: if you want to win in future elections, you need to run fiscal conservatives. If Coleman had acted as a fiscal conservative, he would be inside the beltway for another term.

The election is over, the recount is done as far as I care. In my opinion, the lunatics are now running the asylum. So let me wish Sen. Smalley Franken the best. I'm still shaking my head.

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