Monday, March 24, 2008

As The Election Turns

So around this RINO's digs it has been amusing to read the news as of late. The Republican candidates had their battle early and it looked as if they were going to be bogged down in a mess. With the indicators falling more and more to John McCain, I found myself rooting for a brokered convention. But since I never really knew what that entailed, I now find it much more amusing to watch from the sidelines.

Townhall Funnies

You've got Hillary's Bosnia gaffe as a sideshow, Name That Party going on with elected officials, and of course all the "Typical White Person" jokes you can shake a stick at.

Townhall Funnies

It's funnier than watching the Exorcist!

No, I must admit it is far more entertaining to watch Hillary and Obama duke it out. And spend their money on each other. And have the mainstream media spin lame attempts at manufacturing counterpoints, badly, but the lefties managed to do it worse.

Townhall Funnies

It's not that I'm happy with McCain, even though the pundits make the thought increasingly less difficult to stomach. It's just that seeing the left beat itself up is entirely too amusing. Add to it Rush's Operation Chaos and it's hard to keep a straight face.

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