Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Freedom of Speech

Forest Lake event canceled; too political says the "Red Star", the "Star and Sickle", a local paper. The story was first brought to me on my morning commute on the radio, almost perpetually tuned to KTLK.

I discovered the story in print from Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner. Since Forest Lake is but a suburb or two over, this really got me steamed. Frankly, I would have hoped for a better title from the Strip, perhaps "Leftist Group 'Democratic Underground' Nixes Free Speech by Veterans Group".

Many blogs have kept me abreast of this appalling story throughout the day. Powerline was a good example: Heroes too hot for Forest Lake Area High School. But later on, Blackfive produced The left has no heroes with the following video well worth viewing:

Later, Powerline had more followup with The National Heroes Tour Comes to Minnesota. And a Jason Lewis podcast had further discussion.

I haven't taken in all of these items. I get off track simply thinking about Leftists' perpetual claim to being defenders of free speech -- as long as there is no dissent, I guess. But the gall of protesting the true defenders of free speech is simply beyond the pale.


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