Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The Anchoress has a fine article, Mama, We're All RINOs Now. It is a different perspective on an earlier take.

The wicked irony here is that the “true conservatives” (or TCs) who are busily kicking every flawed Republican to the curb will tell you in a heartbeat that they are “conservatives first, Republicans second” — which means, if we’re being logical, that they, the “true conservatives,” are actually the “true RINOs.” And I suppose the so-called RINOs are actually then Conservatives in Name Only, or CINOs. So, the TCs are actually RINOs and the RINOs are actually CINOs, except some of them really are conservatives; they’re just not conservative enough to be “true.” So they’re the “just not conservative enough moderate conservatives who also have no principles” or JNCEMCWAHNPs.

My head hurts.

I hear ya. But as this article heads toward the eventual -- wait for it -- "electability" argument my attention suddenly falls away. It's not intentional, I have just long since tired of hearing it. In my opinion it has been the "electability" argument that has been the wind blowing the GOP portside for so long.

And along the way, new voters see nothing being offered by the Republican party -- especially a lot of young voters. By attempting to cater to them, they've just looked like wannabees. News flash: those folks can see right through it and they go for the real thing. Let me talks slowly so this might sink in: by making half-assed attempts to expand the base, you showed these folks their true calling on the other side of the aisle; and at the same time you dumped the former base overboard. So now, after letting this fester for many years, it's all the conservatives' fault 'cuz you tossed us out.

Well at least the Anchoress does by far a better and fairer job of presenting the GOP schism than, say, Gregg Jackson:
Why are the spoiled elites complaining about McCain like a bunch of petulant children when the reality is that, collectively, they share considerable blame for the fact that McCain is our likely nominee?
Ah, yes. Now we're to the "grow up" caterwauling. I believe I'll being to take that as "thank you". So let me politely reply: you're welcome.

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