Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Minnesota Precinct Caucus

I don't know how Minnesota ended up.

I don't know how my congressional district ended up.

I don't even know how my ward ended up.

But I do know how my precinct ended up, in my first trip to the Minnesota Precinct Caucus.

The high school parking lot looked pretty packed to me, but then again this was my first venture, so I really don't know how the turnout would be gauged. But it was interesting to see folks of all ages turning out to have a say.

I didn't stick around the entire time; I left while still considering proposals, amendments, and what-not to consider as being part of the Minnesota Republican Party Platform. There may have been a few quibbles that I might have brought up, but the overall platform really spelled out a lot of things I am in agreement with.

I also met a man running for my MN House Seat, Troy Buchholz. Now I've got some extra reading to do.

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