Tuesday, February 19, 2008

McCain Apologists

In yet another round of "Come On, Vote McCain", I happened upon Why I Will Vote for McCain. And its the same old spin all over again.

Was Eisenhower a conservative? No. Nixon? No. Bush (either one)? No. McCain? No. Republicans, yes — it’s a famously big tent — and with some conservative positions. But having conservative positions is not the same as being a conservative.
Yeah, that's great. Let's look back 50 years -- when the country as a whole was probably at least twice as conservative as it is now -- to find a "success" story for the GOP when it didn't go conservative?
Nevertheless, McCain is clearly a Republican, with some conservative positions.
I'm sorry, what was the point supposed to be? Just stating the obvious? Let's just skip ahead to today's conservative smackdown.
It is time for conservatives to accept reality (accepting reality is another conservative trait); and the reality is (1) John McCain will be the Republican nominee for president and (2) he will make a far better president than the Democratic alternative.
Here's a Vanna, I'd like to buy a clue please! freebie to the GOP and apologists: conservatives want a candidate to vote for, not some ballot option to receive my "not the Democrat/Liberal" vote.

Until this most salient tidbit sinks into the Republican party's collective head, they'll have to keep repeating this grade. Hey, perhaps one day Republicans will accept this reality too.

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