Sunday, May 25, 2008

Write-In Vote

Aha! I had a moment of inspiration the other night.

[05-24 00:13:17] * hpb may have had an epipanhy.
[05-24 00:13:33] hpb: I think I figured out my write-in votes this year...
[05-24 00:13:49] other: do tell
[05-24 00:13:54] * hpb thanks the garage for still allowing cigarette smoking.
[05-24 00:14:56] hpb: Either a Thomas Sowell/Walter Williams ticket, or Sowell/Larry Elder.
It was brought up previously, and I'm still in agreement with this: a way to vote my views in a way that is not likely to be spun.

I still like what Fred writes. And I guess it is rather Reaganesque to support the party's candidate, but I just find it difficult to support McCain.

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