Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate Wrap-Up

What did I take away from the debate?

Sarah Palin will not have the terms dictated to her. If she doesn't like the attack, she will turn it back to a focus on America and everyday Americans. This is both beneficial when it comes to foreign and domestic policy.

Sarah Palin is an everyday American. She doesn't need focus groups to understand the basics.

Sarah Palin can take a 30-year Washington insider and make him backpedal. Just what the doctor ordered.

Sarah Palin is a leader. Joe Biden could answer with statistics and put me to sleep; Sarah could cut to the chase.

Sarah Palin is positive on America's future. Joe Biden and Barack Obama are negative.

Gov. Palin did not hit it out of the park. She did what she needed to do. Show that she could get into the game, step up to the plate, and hit that fastball. And wind up safely on base with perhaps a few RBIs. Without homefield advantage. After the 7th inning stretch. With a good closer. And down by a few runs. Result: tie game, Palin in scoring position. John McCain's turn up at bat.

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