Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tales from the Inbox

Cojones: Congressional Democrats openly endorse communism

Silly me: I thought communism was dead. But it appears to have risen like a phoenix on Dianabol -- at least in the minds of Congressional Democrats and Obama supporters.
Echoes of the peanut man: déjà vu all over again
A blast from the past, courtesy of the Department of Energy's official website:
  • Price controls on oil

  • A windfall profits tax

  • Taxpayer-funded boondoggles on solar energy

  • Taxpayer-funded boondoggles on synthetic fuels
The Audacity of Abandonment
If I were a supporter of Barack Obama I would be nervous. Why? Is it his inexperience, his radical connections, or his stale liberal positions? Nope. I would be nervous because he seems fundamentally incapable of sticking with his principles on a host of issues large and small.


Obama supporters laud him as a different politician; as someone who can change the way Washington works and bring real solutions to our problems. But how can you trust a candidate who so easily capitulates in the face of criticism and regularly breaks his promises? Is this really change you can believe in?

I can’t believe it, but maybe Hillary was right. Maybe Obama’s campaign is “just words.”
Of Course People Who Are Anti-American Want Obama.
You know, it's funny; the Left tells everyone that will listen that the rest of the world hates America, but then they brag that these very same people would be excited to have Barack Obama in the White House.

Well, of course they would. These people want to see the United States weakened and humiliated. Heck, even the author is saying that many people in that region see us as the Great Satan. Why would they ever want to see Satan prosper? The obvious answer is that they wouldn't.

So, yes, they are amazed that Americans would be so foolish as to put a man in the White House, like Barack Obama, who will weaken the country. It's like the Lilliputians, gaping in awe as Gulliver willingly lies down and allows them to bind him with chains.

Obama is a naive, weak, inexperienced, foolish man and the greatest gift we could give to people who don't wish our country well would be to put him in the White House.
Obama Promises Change -- But What Kind?

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